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12/21/2022 - Posted in  Pharmaceutical Affairs

Strandie in the Spotlight: Lisa Passot

Strandie in the spotlight

Meet our Strandies! 
At Strand, our ambition is continuous growth. Yes, numbers matter. And so do culture, attitude, and involvement. Our community of talented Strandies embodies our ambitions. Aligned with our values, they do this in a bold and humane way. 
That deserves a platform! So, every month we put the spotlight on one of them to get to know them better. 
This month, we would like you to meet Lisa Passot, expert from our Pharma division.

Meet Lisa Passot

What was your last job title & how would you describe this role in one sentence?

MDM and IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Product) Governance facilitator. This role contributes to ensure we have the correct data (substances, strengths, authorization, names, pharmaceutical form, packaging) about medicinal products to enable in an efficient and safer way the identification of medicinal products to at the end enhance the patient's safety.


If you could give one important piece of advice to others in the same function, what would it be?

Be curious and open-minded!

Tell us something about your passion

I’m a volunteer at "Sans Collier", an animal shelter, on Saturdays where I help to take care of cats. It mainly consists in cleaning cats' facilities and then helping to socialize the shyest cats and pet those who need their daily dose of cuddles, until their adoption.

How did you get passionate about this?

I’ve always had pets and I have always been interested in the animal welfare and one year ago I had the opportunity to become volunteer at Sans Collier, so I decided it was the right time to more actively contribute to the animal welfare.

I feel useful to contribute to help an animal to get another chance to find peace and its furever family after having some bad luck in its life. It brings me hope for other animals. If you have the possibility  please consider adopting animals rather than shopping them.

Why should anyone else give this a try?

I think everyone should give a try as being volunteer whatever the area; giving time by helping other people and or animal definitely gives another view about life and is very enlightening for the mind. 

What was your favorite Strand event so far? And Why?

Our yearly summit in 2019, this was really during this event full of good spirit and fun that realized that how l was lucky to be part of the Strandies.

What’s the best thing about being a Project Consultant at Strand?

 We are not considered as a number, Strand is really here to help us to grow and excel in our missions.

Why should other pharma professionals consider becoming members of the Strand community?

For the human value which is really important! We really care about each other!

How would you describe Strand in 3 words?

Human, trust and fun.

How does Strand’s community add value to your experience at Strand?

I really feel part of a great team!


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