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7/13/2020 - Posted in  Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Exceptional times, exceptional people: Astra Sweets

Discover how Strand is stepping up during these challenging times.

Astra Sweets

Maybe you know Astra Sweets? You've probably already tasted their candy. Strand went in search of an exceptional planner for Astra Sweets, in these exceptional times. 
"For our planners, the lockdown was quite a challenge: they had to constantly adapt to changing circumstances and consumer behaviour. Everybody told us that they will stockpile water and food," says Stefan Verbeken, planning & material supply manager. 

Interview with Stefan Verbeken, Planning & Material Supply Manager

"In the midst of this crisis we were looking for a new planner for our gum department. A temporary job with quite a few challenges. After all, our permanent planner would soon be on maternity leave and we wanted a warm handover and enough time for the necessary training." 

"Normally we recruit our own employees. But now we were looking for a very specific profile."

"In uncertain times people are mainly looking for stability... I estimated the chance that someone would exchange his job for a temporary contract to be low", says Stefan. "I knew Strand specializes in planning & supply chain related profiles. I knew I could count on them.”

Stefan Verbeken, Astra Sweets

"At first our expectations and needs were thoroughly screened by Strand. Soon after that we received several resumes. Interviews were organized via Skype and a suitable candidate was chosen. Unfortunately, the first candidate dropped out, but Strand reacted quickly and found a new candidate that still met the requirements. 

That person was Robin!

Read how Strand helped Robin find a new challenge during Covid-19.

"Entrepreneurship is an important company value for Astra Sweets. Especially as a planner you have to be entrepreneurial to continuously search for the best solution that will help both the customer and the production organization move forward. You should also have the courage and ability to make decisions. I can see that no-nonsense and pragmatic approach in Robin." 

Meanwhile Robin has completed his first training. Now he wants to move forward and gradually take over the planning.

How they see the future at Astra Sweets? "We'll definitely get back on track after these exceptional times. We are a flexible company that has proven to adapt to the market." 

"That flexibility also characterizes Strand," says Stefan. "As a consultancy partner, they offer quick high-quality solutions in unexpected circumstances. They know the market and estimate our expectations correctly."  

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