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Business Case - Claude Herbiet (GSK)

“Strand Associates Consulting puts continuity of service above considerations of cost or profit.”

Top qualities

  • Integrity and transparency
    “Two qualities that match our corporate values."
  • Focused and proactive
    “The solution is what counts. No candidates just for the sake of it.”
  • Reliable and to the point
    “A word is a word. And few words are necessary to correctly feel what we are looking for.”
  • Speed and quality
    “From request to recruitment takes only a week, even for specialised niche positions.”

"Strand Associates Consulting is very sensitive in feeling the needs of our department, and is therefore able to react very quickly. That saves us a lot of time."

Claude Herbiet - Product Coordination & Stability Manager at GSK

Wanted: experts who never make concessions

Claude Herbiet: “We look for experienced experts with both a technical and a scientific background. They also need to have a feeling for pharmaceutical regulations. They must be able to work in an independent, flexible way, not be afraid of prioritising, never make concessions on quality, and sometimes keep to very strict deadlines. There are not many people that meet these requirements: our business is really specific. And yet Strand Associates Consulting always comes up with the right candidates.”

Searched for & found: partner with feeling

Claude Herbiet: “When I joined GSK, Strand Associates Consulting had already been a recruitment partner for several years. “I got on straight away with Matthieu, who since then has found some first-class people for us. Strand Associates Consulting is very sensitive in feeling the needs of our department, and is therefore able to react very quickly. That saves us a lot of time, so we can focus on our core tasks and deal with unexpected peaks in our workload. It’s very comforting and reassuring.”

Why does Strand succeed?

Claude Herbiet: “A search that would normally take a month takes just a week for Strand Associates Consulting. That’s because they listen closely and feel what qualifications we're looking for. And of course their extensive, up-to-date network is a great advantage. Furthermore, they’re not tied to their own pool of consultants, so they are always able to present the best candidates, and not just the most profitable. They say what they do and do what they say. No ifs or buts. And if something does go wrong, they look for a solution that benefits all parties.”

About Claude Herbiet

For three years now Claude has led a team responsible for product coordination and stability within the Global Quality Control department. Or to put it in everyday language: together with a few other highly-trained colleagues he verifies the stability of a drug or vaccine that is being put on the market, and provides the detailed technical documentation both for internal customers (other GSK departments) and for external customers (government departments, laboratories etc.).