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"There is no name dropping or excessive use of buzzwords. Strand's professionalism is convincing enough."

Top qualities

  • Trust
    "I highly recommend Strand Associates Consulting to colleagues in other company branches."
  • No hard feelings
    "If a profile is out of scope, I prefer honesty over proposing a mediocre candidate just for the sake of delivering result."
  • On top of it
    "No small talk, but to-the-point phone calls with focus on the essence."

"I'm still puzzled by how fast Strand manages to propose the right profiles every single time."

Dries Versweyveld - HR Business Partner FrieslandCampina

Wanted: dynamic high-level profiles

Dries Versweyveld: "We, as an organization, are subject to the dynamics of constant change, driven by our ambitious strategy to be and remain the market leader. It is important that co-workers are open to these dynamics, as it is part of our company culture. Openess, honesty and respect are building blocks: say how you feel with empathy for one another so frustrations are nipped in the bud. Lastly, a sense of safety is one of my personal favorites. Safety is the number one priority in our organization. For every candidate I meet, I check; is he/she using the staircase railing without me having to explicitly ask?"

Searched for & found: multidisciplinary go-getterĀ 

Dries Versweyveld: "I'm still puzzled by how fast Strand manages to propose the right profiles every single time. For extreme diverse specialties, from production and engineering to sales, IT and PSD (planning, sourcing & delivery). Every profile proposed is high-level. That is why Strand became a preferred supplier. They live up to our expectations, by not settling for mediocre candidates."

Why does Strand succeed?

Dries Versweyveld: "Because of the migration to a new ERP software package, we needed 30 highly qualified co-workers. We did not have the time to look for them ourselves, so Strand got a chance (and they took it). The trust was there, as of day one. They play the game fair and open. I respect the fact that they are honest if a profile is out of scope instead of proposing a lousy qualified profile. Moreover, a candidate also needs to feel comfortable, even if the process goes fast. Strand masters the equilibrium very well. No name dropping or excessive use of buzzwords. Their professionalism is convincing, not their client incentives."

About FrieslandCampina

'From grass to glass' - supplying the consumer with only the best dairy products, with respect for humans and animals. That is the mission and passion of the cooperative dairy enterprise with a royal ring to the name. Millions of people are using FrieslandCampina's dairy products, baby food, cheese, butter, cream, desserts ... every day.