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Fast-growing 'Trends Gazelle' | Industry disruptor | Copied by competitors because of our benchmark-setting initiatives | Breathtaking incentives for our extraordinary colleagues | Belgium-based | Privately owned 
We could go on for a while …

About Strand Associates Consulting

We are a boutique recruitment & consultancy partner for companies in need of Pharmaceutical Affairs, Supply Chain Management & Logistics, ICT & Digital, HR, Finance, Fiduciary and Legal expertise. Our focus is always creating added value in line with your business goals through the deployment of expertise-driven (teams of) consultants. We heavily invest in the industry knowledge of our associates so they really understand you. 

Our services include consultancy, freelancing, project staffing, and permanent recruitment.

After all, would you take our advice if we did not understand your challenges?

Meet the Strand team

Hello, I'm Matthieu !

Matthieu Saintmard

Managing Director


+32 (0)2/644.01.04



adjective | hu·mane | \hyü-ˈmān, yü-\

of, relating to, or characteristic of humans;
consisting of humans;
representative of or susceptible to the sympathies and frailties of human nature.


adjective | \ˈbōld\

Strikingly different or unconventional;

having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance;
requiring or exhibiting courage or daring.

The Strand philosophy ...

for every single thing we do! 

From picking up the phone to discussing the talent acquisition strategy of a key client, we always reflect: Is it the human thing to do? And is it strikingly bold?


To shape the future of the people we work with;
by being disruptively bold in our professional advice
so extraordinary value is created, together.

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Shape the future

What makes us stand out? We strive to shape the future of all the people we work with: our associates, our project consultants, our freelancers and our clients. How? By creating value together.

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Creating value together

We don’t sell predefined solution packages! The only promise we make is that our people will sit down with you, listen to your story and provide you with the best advice possible.

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Our charities

Shaping the future goes beyond business. At Strand, we believe every company has an obligation to shape a better future for the next generation. That is why we joined forces with our staff in order to create a better future for children in Brussels & Nepal!

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Become an associate

We always have room for talented people! Are you a recruitment consultant with a great drive? Well, consider joining us. We have THE BEST remuneration scheme in the industry, hands-down! On top, our company culture is driven by amazing, dynamic people. Design the life you dream of!

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Behind the scenes

Some things are just too good not to share. We share industry trends, expert insights, quotes, recommendations, videos, Strand events and much more. Get a glimpse behind the scenes. Follow our social media accounts!

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